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Protection of Electrical Devices

Protection of Electrical Devices
Protection of Electrical Devices
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Product Description

Protection of your electrical devices

Protection of your electrical devices is our top priority

We at ALASA ELECTRONICS strive to bring you the best voltage regulating cum conditioning solutions in order to protect your lights and appliances from unregulated and fluctuating mains supply. With our Power conditioning devices you will no longer need to deal the woes of low/over voltages.

We have state-of-the art DSP/Micro-controller based voltage stabilizer with ultra fast response that provides your load with a regulated, stable power supply for any kind of load.

It constantly monitors the input waveform for irregularities and immediately stabilizes the output without delay.


Our stabilizers have a wide range of applications and come in a range of load capacities from 0.5 to 500 KVA. It is available in static (semiconductor based) type. Households, offices, small to medium industries- ALASA ELECTRONICSs’ Power Conditioning Devices are for everyone.


We are obsessed about efficiency and that clearly visible in all of our products. Using a highly efficient transformer design, our stabilizers are over 96% percent efficient-among the top of the competitors. It will stand by your appliances and protect them in the roughest conditions continuing to be highly efficient and trust worthy.

Wide operating range

We boast a wide input operating voltage range of (90V to 300V-single phase) and (340V-480V-three phase) making it perfect for almost every application. For voltages higher or lower than the aforementioned range the stabilizer disconnects from the mains until the input voltage falls into the operating voltage range thus protecting your electric/electronic devices.


  • DSP/Micro-controller based design
  • Ultra fast response
  • High input voltage window
  • High efficiency (>96%)
  • Highly efficient transformer design
  • Available in both static and relay based types
  • Smooth output waveform
  • User friendly display